Nyzo techNyzo team technology proposalsNTTP-8: elimination of queue (rescinded)

NTTP-8: elimination of queue (rescinded)

This NTTP has been rescinded due to lack of interest. An alternate method of eliminating the queue will be implemented.

From NTTP-7, which switched to a linear IP lottery based on ideas implemented in Open-Nyzo/Nyzo-Q:

Also, it is important to note that even an elimination of the scarcity of IPv4 addresses would not compromise the proof of diversity. It would only necessitate finding a new source of scarcity for admission into the cycle. The proof of diversity is a provable (and disprovable) system regarding the evolution of a malleable democracy, and it could be based on any scarce resource as a factor for admission, including KYC (know your customer) to provide for a one-person, one-ticket probability of entrance. As many community members will remember, the initial entrance scheme was a FIFO entrance queue, not a lottery, and this was still (minimally) sufficient to support the proof.

As we have stated many times, we hope to see competing implementations of Nyzo arise. We are glad to see verifiers running code that we have not written. We think this is a huge step forward in the progression of Nyzo.

As we also noted in NTTP-7:

We also recognize the value of improving the default solution that is present in our version of the code.

We also disagree about the nature of node-join floods. We think this is a natural behavior of the system, and others see it as malice. However, we do not have to agree on the source of the problem in order to solve the problem.

We propose eliminating the queue and delegating entrance decisions to an external data source. We ask that EggPool provide an endpoint, and this endpoint will be used as the default in our version of the Nyzo code.

This will eliminate any valid reason for large numbers of out-of-cycle nodes to send node-join messages. So, if node-join floods continue, we will agree that they are malicious.

We would like to imagine that whatever entrance mechanism the community chooses to implement will help to build trust. As anonymity and interaction with the Discord community are of concern, we would suggest that something like the following would be a good initial solution:

Of course, the community can do whatever they choose to do with this mechanism. We feel that EggPool's investment of time and effort into the join issue makes them the ideal caretaker of this part of the system.

Implementation price

This NTTP will be implemented if ∩1 is sent to address id__82StPf3LUpz--a~JnZ~HBdWM9Qqzc~Ecef5R1eFA67zayJIZ_NT8. We ask that the cycle send an additional ∩400,000 to this account at a future time, at the sole discretion of EggPool, after the solution is implemented and working to the community's satisfaction.