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NTTP-4: WordPress plugin

The Nyzo Chrome extension allows tips to be sent from web pages. Supporting the Nyzo Chrome extension is exceptionally simple. It requires the addition of only a single element with a few simple attributes to the page.

Despite the simplicity of this implementation, the availability of a WordPress plugin often determines whether a website operator implements a feature. Also, more sophisticated Chrome extension functionality is planned in the future. As such functionality is developed, a WordPress plugin could be improved in parallel to support new features of the Chrome extension.

NTTP-4: we propose developing a simple WordPress plugin. This plugin would allow operators of WordPress sites to include Nyzo tip buttons on the pages on their sites.

This NTTP would only cover the initial implementation of the plugin. The plugin would be released into the public domain with the Unlicense, and it would be made available on GitHub. Further development of the plugin would not be covered by this NTTP.

Implementation price

NTTP-4 will be implemented if ∩13,000 is sent to account id__81E-FsTaXtVZ9LGoFnSuejYBhWj8sVjU2.A14a5ArQS3-sPJ_NT4.

Implementation time

4 weeks