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Seed funding

Blockchain version 3 will eliminate the seed funding account and use the cycle account to ensure a minimal reward amount for each block, regardless of the transaction fees produced by the block. The cycle account will continue to be replenished with a portion of transaction fees, as implemented in blockchain version 1.

Until blockchain version 3 is implemented and adopted, seed transactions will continue to be used. The seed account balance is ∩4889.414292 at block height 22819500, which was verified on 2023-10-05 at 19:15:39.936 UTC. At the current rate of depletion, the account will be effectively empty about 1.5 days after this block.

To continue funding seed transactions, a cycle transaction has been proposed to replenish this account. The transaction can be seen with the list cycle transactions command on the client. It can be signed with the cycle transaction signing script.