Nyzo techRelease notesNyzo 635: balance display command correction

Nyzo 635: balance display command correction

Nyzo version 635 (commit on GitHub) corrects an error in the BalanceDisplay Command.

This version affects the client.

The ability to search on Nyzo public-identifier strings was added to the Balance DisplayCommand in version 627.

Like the search on raw (hexadecimal) identifiers, the search on Nyzo strings was intended to be case-insensitive. While decoding of all Nyzo strings is case-sensitive, the search was intended to be more lenient than the decoding process. However, a failure to convert to lower case the Nyzo public-identifier strings derived from the balance list caused the search to only match Nyzo public-identifier strings that contained only lowercase characters in the range of the prefix. This means, for example, that a Nyzo public-identifier string starting with id__8cD could not be matched by a prefix more than 6 characters long. Presence of the uppercase D in the prefix range eliminated possibility of a match.

The following link was also provided in the version 627 release notes to show the behavior of the search with a Nyzo public-identifier string prefix. The correct behavior of this search is now exhibited, matching both id__8cd and id__8cD. https://client.nyzo.co/balance?walletId=id__8cd&action=run.

A search for a specific account will also behave as desired, always returning no more than the specific account. This is guaranteed due to the size of the address space. https://client.nyzo.co/balance?walletId=id__8efadkMnZ~ty u.M9cAuND.wQdu5B7I.Qz7CDqRizdqnIot9_NT01&action=run

In BalanceDisplayCommand, the public identifier strings are now converted to lower case before comparison. If a match is found, the mixed-case, correct identifier is added to the result table.

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