Nyzo techRelease notesNyzo 629: Micropay error feedback

Nyzo 629: Micropay error feedback

Nyzo version 629 (commit on GitHub) adds detailed feedback from the documentation server when a Micropay transaction is not accepted.

This version affects the documentation server.

The documentation server provides a reference implementation of Micropay content delivery. Addition of .micropay files alongside content prevents the content from being delivered without payment.

The documentation server applies a 6-factor test before delivering content. If a request for Micropay content fails, the server now provides human-readable feedback in the 402 (Payment Required) response letting the client know why the content was not delivered.

All changes in this version are in the DocumentationEndpoint class. A new StringBuilder, micropayFailure, is now passed to the micropayAuthorized() method. In the event of failure, the assembled String is then passed to the getResponseForInvalidMicropay() method.

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The micropayAuthorized() method lets the Micropay sender know if a transaction was not provided or if a supplemental transaction was not provided. While these seem like simple, obvious errors, all errors are easier to resolve when appropriate feedback is provided.

A message is also provided letting the user know if the failure is due to no response from the client. Such an error would let an end user know that a failure might be temporary, or it might let the operator of a web server know that the selected Nyzo client is unreliable and a different Nyzo client should be used.

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If the 6-factor test fails, each condition is examined again. Detailed error messages are provided explaining each failed case.

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To provide more helpful feedback, all six conditions are examined, even if earlier conditions fail. This allows a user to see all issues that must be corrected instead of only seeing the first issue that triggered the failure.

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The failure cause is now included in the 402 (Payment Required) response that is generated when Micropay authorization fails.

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