Nyzo techRelease notesNyzo 627: Nyzo string balance search

Nyzo 627: Nyzo string balance search

Nyzo version 627 (commit on GitHub) adds the option of using a Nyzo string in the client balance search.

This version affects the client.

In BalanceDisplayCommand, the maximumAccountsInResponse constant was added to define a limit on response size.

The rawIdOrPrefix and nyzoStringIdOrPrefix variables were added to store normalized search prefixes for the two forms of search now permitted.

RN_627 image 0

Search strings that begin with the id__ prefix set the search to Nyzo-string mode. Search strings that do not begin with this prefix set the search to raw mode, which is the previous behavior.

A notice is added to show the string used for the search, and another notice is added to show the type of search.

RN_627 image 1

The search looks for matches on either Nyzo string representation or raw (hex) representation of all account identifiers in the balance list. The result size limit is imposed, and a notice is added if the number of search results is equal to this limit.

RN_627 image 2

The following demonstrates this new search option on the Nyzo client: https://client.nyzo.co/balance?walletId=id__8cd&action=run.