Nyzo techRelease notesNyzo 606: documentation JavaScript

Nyzo 606: documentation JavaScript

Nyzo version 606 (commit on GitHub) corrects an issue with JavaScript delivery on the documentation server.

This version affects the documentation and relay server.

In DocumentationController.process(), files with the .js extension are now processed when building the endpoint map.

RN_606 code 0

In DocumentationEndpoint.determineType(), files with the .js extension are assigned to DocumentationEndpointType.JavaScript.

RN_606 code 1

The DocumentationEndpointType.JavaScript value was added with a MIME type of EndpointResponse.contentTypeJavaScript, a constant with the value of text/javascript.

RN_606 code 2

The EndpointResponse.contentTypeJavaScript constant was added with a value of text/javascript, and this type is assigned to files with the .js extension in the contentTypeForFile() method, which is used for endpoints for the relay server.

RN_606 code 3