Nyzo techRelease notesNyzo Chrome 9: rapid automatic tx

Nyzo Chrome 9: rapid automatic tx

Nyzo Chrome extension version 9 (commit on GitHub) adds a mutex to ensure that the automatic authorization is properly applied and decremented when automatic transactions are submitted rapidly.

In the ByteBuffer class, scoping of several variables was improved.

CX_9 image 0

In the ByteBuffer.readIntegerValue() method, scoping was improved, the calculation of the result was corrected, and a missing return statement was added.

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In the sendTransaction() function of the content script, a mutex is now used to protect retrieving and setting of automatic authorization values. The mutex is acquired in the sendTransaction() function, and the logic previously in this function was moved to the new sendTransactionTarget() function.

CX_9 image 2

In the sendTransactionTarget() function, the mutex is released after the authorization is updated when an automatic transaction is about to be sent.

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When a transaction fails, error details are now included in the nyzo-transaction-failed event to allow the page to communicate the cause of the error to the user.

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When a transaction is not sent due to an issue identified by this script, the mutex is released without updating the authorization value. An error is also included in the nyzo-transaction-failed event sent from this logic branch.

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In the decode() function of the nyzoString script, whitespace now is trimmed from the input string to avoid decoding issues that this whitespace would cause.

CX_9 image 6

In the options script, whitespace is now trimmed from the private key value before storage.

CX_9 image 7

In the Transaction constructor, the type is now explicitly specified as 2, which is a standard transaction. This was implicit in previous versions. Variable scoping was updated for two iterators, and the setSenderIdentifier() method was added.

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Later in the Transaction class, scoping was updated for the iterator in the setSenderData() method. The setSignature() method was added.

CX_9 image 9

In the Transaction.fromBytes() method, several errors were corrected.

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