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Multiple-item example

This page shows how multiple Micropay items can be included on a single page. It also shows how the same item can be used on multiple pages with a single payment unlocking the item in both locations.

This page requires version 3 or later of the Chrome extension.

This page contains the elements from both the article example and the image example.

Article example

On many sites with premium content, a paragraph or two of content is presented to the user. This is often an introduction to the article, giving the user a general idea of the remainder of the article content.

To access premium content, a user would typically have to create an account, pay a subscription fee, and be logged into the site. With Nyzo Micropay, the process can be much simpler.

To keep reading this article, please pay ∩0.1 with the Nyzo extension
To keep reading this article, click this link to install the Nyzo extension

Image example

This is an example of an image being provided via Micropay. There many situations where a user might be willing to pay a small amount for an image, including printable images of artwork, worksheets for educational purposes, and photographs of breaking news.

Micropay provides the payment technology, and the content owner can decide the best way to present content to the user. In this demonstration, a blurred version of the Nyzo logo is displayed. If a Micropay transaction is submitted, an unblurred version of the image is delivered.

To view this image, please pay ∩0.2 with the Nyzo extension
To view this image, click this link to install the Nyzo extension