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Graffiti example

Please install and activate the Nyzo extension, version 9 or later, to use this page.
authorized amount

This field will contain the transactions needed to send the local changes to the blockchain.

This page has a virtual graffiti wall on which users can draw using automatic transactions. The wall has a resolution that is dynamically set by the image data provided from a Nyzo script running on the Nyzo client.

To set a pixel, a transaction must be sent to account id__8d63gfXfh3p9e._56sgEu_QPsWe54syae0PkELUw~VJDqvn-WALL with proper encoding of the coordinate and color value. The amount of the transaction setting the pixel must be at least twice the amount of the previous transaction that set the pixel. Multiple pixels can be packed within a transaction.

The script on this page automatically generates the optimal (least-cost) transactions for executing any pixels the user draws.

Client support of the graffiti script was added in version 631 of the Java codebase.

In order to commit pixels to the graffiti wall, you need to have version 9 or later of the Nyzo Chrome extension installed and activated.

Several updates need to be made, both on the Nyzo client and in this page's Javascript, to provide better user feedback and faster wall updates. However, as you can see above, the wall is working, and everything you see on the wall is due to blockchain data.

If you are one of the brave ones who chooses to use this page at this early state, you will be able to share your pixel art skills with all visitors of the page. The current state of the wall is also now displayed at the bottom of the cycle page on nyzo.co.

This page is in active development to demonstrate a realtime multiuser application on the Nyzo blockchain.