Nyzo techData formatsBlock


A Nyzo block without transactions is 188 bytes. Each transaction increases the size of the block by an amount that depends on the transaction type and length of the sender-data field. The fields of a block are:

blockchain version
2 bytes
16-bit unsigned integer of the blockchain version
6 bytes
48-bit unsigned integer distance from Genesis block, which has a height of 0
previous block hash
32 bytes
double-SHA-256 of the previous block signature
start timestamp
8 bytes
64-bit Unix timestamp of the start of the block, in milliseconds
verification timestamp
8 bytes
64-bit Unix timestamp of when the verifier creates the block, in milliseconds
transaction count
4 bytes
32-bit unsigned integer of the number of transactions in the block
standard transactions are 154 to 186 bytes each
balance-list hash
32 bytes
double-SHA-256 of the balance list
verifier identifier
32 bytes
Ed25519 public key of the verifier that created this block
verifier signature
64 bytes
Ed25519 signature of all other fields, signed by the verifier's private key