Nyzo techScriptsPreferences


This section details the preferences available through setting /var/lib/nyzo/production/preferences with short descriptions of the available options.

General settings

nickname_map_threshold (default = 2000): Max number of nicknames to track locally. This limit was put into place to prevent certain types of attacks that attempt to spam the verifier with excessively long nicknames or excessive numbers of names (https://nyzo.co/releaseNotes/500).



micropay_authorization_time (default = 1000L * 60L * 60L (1 hour)): Amount of time that MicroPay content will remain accessible to the user upon receipt of payment.

Web Listener

web_port (default = 80): Port to use for the HTTP web listener (e.g. Sentinel monitoring).

Visuals / Aesthetics

enable_console_color (default = false): Enables colored console display mode.


connection_close_delay (default = 500L (0.5 second)): Amount of time connection should sleep before re-attempting

log_timestamps (default = false): Whether to timestamp log entries for debugging purposes.

fallback_vote_source_identifier (default = (blank)): The voting data for this specified verifier will be used in situations where a vote cannot be calculated from the verifier running this code. This situation may occur, for instance, if a verifier recently started and does not have adequate block history.

maximum_conncurrent_connections_per_ip (default = 20): The number of connections to allow per IP address. Increasing this value may lead to verifiers being more vulnerable to certain types of targeted attacks, but may be necessary for certain types of client/daemon functionality.